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10 Muslim APPS you need to have on your phone!

If you're Muslim and looking for great apps to add to your phone here are some Aweea faves that can help you in so many aspects of your life!

1. SALAT (learn how to Pray)

This first app that is a big must if you are a Muslim convert and need help to learn how to pray and is called Salat.

This app explains every prayer that is required as a Muslim and even the extra prayers such as salat Al Istikhara & Salat al Janaza. Salat Al istikhara is a prayer when you need help about something especially making a decision and are praying to Allah for guidance. Salat al Janaza is in which if God forbid somebody has passed away, and you need to know how to pray during their burial.

The Salat app also has the steps of wudu and how to prepare for any prayer. It’s a a really great app for those who want something quickly and mobile instead of looking for a book and for those beginning to learn how to pray.


Athan App & Ipray App


Now, To keep track of prayer times a highly suggested app to use is called Athan app which also has a monthly schedule you can look at. It's great to plan ahead during Ramadan. It has the Hadith of the day and Picture of the day. It also can connect to the apple watch. You can have Athan reminders or keep it silent.


If you want something even more simple theres The Ipray app. It connects to your apple watch so you won’t miss prayer times ever again! You can choose to have the the Athan on speaker to remind you of prayer, vibrate mode or nothing at all. It’s a very simple app but very elegantly and visually appealing.


For a digital Quran, I have the iQuran and I use the pro-version which is really the only Quran you need. I love it! It has so many different translations and I can book mark the passages wherever I stop reading.

It’s especially helpful when you are trying to complete the Quran during Ramadan. I save passages, highlight different places and more.


If you eat Zabihah and want to find halal restaurants you can order during Ramadan that is near you I suggest this app called Zabihah. This app has over 50,000 restaurant suggestions around the world. it even suggest supermarket and mosque that are close by as well.

You can also check out their website here


If you are need of relaxation like most of us this next app is amazing. It has so many different sessions for meditation, relaxation daily gratitude and beautiful vocals you can listen too. It’s called Sabr or in english means Patience. One session I love is the 7 days of Calming anxiety by Wali Khan. Each session is mainly 5-12 min long so it can be easily done every day and really help you to relax.

I love that its geared to Muslims and even has some beautiful vocals that remind you of Allah.


The app is called Daily duas. It has several language translations you can choose from, so if english isn’t your first language or Arabic, you can have other options such as Spanish!

If you choose, for instance, the morning dua, it teaches you not just one dua but 27 duas you can say when you wake up!

You can also press the play button and hear a beautiful recitation of the dua and also learn yourself how to pronounce it correctly.

The app also has extra features such as Quran, prayer times, 99 names of Allah tasbeeh, and more.

8. HALAL DATING (Salams)

This is app for all my single ladies and men. I’m sure its difficult and even harder now because of Covid to meet someone and this app called Salams (formerly called Minder) is a great way to do that. Their intention is helping Muslims all over the world to get married and have about 2,000,000 million muslims using this app. I’ve been happily married Hamdilulah, for a long time now so I have not downloaded this app. I can’t really speak to how great it is so if any of you out there reading has used this app please let me know in the comments below and give us some feedback.


If you’re looking to really learn more about Islam through thoughtful and inspiring scholars there is an app that is basically Islamic Intensive courses that you can download.

You can get many valuable sessions with several scholars such as sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir, Mufti Hussain Kamani and so many more. It is a paid app and you can also try it out for free for 14 days. The app is called DEENStream and there's more information as well online at


Whenever I go shopping especially for vitamin gummies, I end up having to search really hard online to make sure that there's no pork gelatin. Most of the time you need to take a step further and call the actual company. I found this app recently called Scan Halal. You can choose change settings to add Zabihah or not as well.

To use this app all you need to do is scan the barcode of the product and if it's on their list it will let you know whether it is halal or not. They also visually show you a green or red ring around the item.

I've also created a Youtube episode that shows you how the app looks so check it out below!

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