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15 Islamic Children's Books of 2020

What are some really great Islamic Children's Books check out the list below with some of our favorites!

Watch youtube video here.

Maynumah's Musing: How Much Does Allah Love me?

by Heba Subeh Hyder Illustrated by Aatena Hasan


This book is about a cute little girl named Maynumah, curious about ALLAH (subhannanu wa Ta'ala) and it goes into her amazing imagination about how Allah Created so many things and her love for him. She deeply wanted to know how much Allah loved her back, so she goes and asks her mother this big question! Find out the answer and get this book! It's great :)


Hena khan has written and published so many beautiful Islamic children's books. I highlighted a couple here but definitely check out more of her books on her website.

Golden Dome's and Silver Lanterns is a great book that relates the colors to Islamic themes and culture of Muslims. I think this book specifically is great for younger kids learning colors and religion at the same time.

Hena Khan was also awarded Top 10 Religious books of 2009 with the holiday story "Night of the Moon."

"Under My Hijab" talks about a young girl that observes women in her life wearing the hijab in different ways.

"Like the Moon Loves the Sky," is a beautiful ode of unconditional love to their child “Inshallah you find wonder in birds as they fly. Inshallah you are loved like moon loves the sky.


"Allah Made us all different ,Be yourself." By Rabia Gelgi is about a little bird that goes on a little journey wanting to be another animal instead of herself and realizes that God created each animal a specific way and that she was special as that bird. Its a cute story of loving how you are made and I think encourages children to love how they are created.

She also wrote "The little girl says Alhamdullilah" which reminds kids about saying alhamdullilah for what we have and a great way to reinforce the meaning of Alhamdilulah.

A Basketball Game On Wake Street By Batouly Camara

One of my favorite books is called "A basketball Game on Wake street", written by Batouly Camara and illustrated by Shifa Annisa. )- This very unique book is talks about a young girl named Aicha who wants to play basketball with her friends and create a dream team. Now this dream team is not like any other dream team. Its about a team of “Wake warriors” that is open to everyone with “beautiful and unique abilities”

Batouly also founded WAKE which is Women and Kids Empowerment a US based non profit corporation that serves teen girls and young women in New work and Guinea West Africa to the “ whole-girl approach to develop their confidence through growth mentorship.

The Proudest Blue written by Ibtihaj Muhammad

A New York Times Bestseller. written by Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad called "The Proudest Blue." beautifully illustrated by Hatem Aly. A story about hijab and family. A young girl sees her oldest sister wear Hijab for the first time and goes to school.

Her sister picked a blue hijab like the color of the ocean. This cute little girl sees how people accept her with her hijab and how some children ask her “why she’s wear a tablecloth on her head”.

“Don’t carry around the hurtful words that others say. Drop them. they are not yours to keep. They belong only to those who said them.”

Zak and His Good Intentions by Samia Mair Illustrated by Omar Burgess

I can see my 5 year old boy really relating to "Zak and his good intentions." Poor Zak is trying to do all these good deeds but it’s just not happening for him. He finds out that all of his intentions are what's really important. I think if you want to teach your child a lesson in a story format you should get this book. It helps the child learn to not feel bad if things didn’t go the right way and that your intentions are what matters most in front of Allah.

Mommy's Khimar by Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow illustrated by Ebony Glenn.

Another fabulous story about the head covering. Its a cute story of a young girl who plays dress up with her mothers head scarves “When I put my mommy’s Khimar I become a queen with a golden train”. I love how she’s a superhero, a queen, and her deep love of her mommy is so heart filling. As I read this book I just smiled the whole time. This book is also about diversity and and talks about family members who aren’t muslim which I also love so much. This is a very uplifting book about the hijab and I recommended it so much. Purchase here.

ZAYDO POTATO SERIES by Randa Taftaf and Maz Galini

If you want series of books to share with your little ones Zaydo Potato is really great! "Zaydo Potato, Allah loves me." illustrated by Lovyaa Garg. Is a book about a young boys reflection of how his family shows him their love and how because of that Allah also loves him. The other book in this series are “Zaydo Potato Can Allah See Me Now”, and an activity book “Zaydo Activity Book from A to Zayd”.

Eid Breakfast at Abuelas by Mariam Saad.

A great book about a family going to their grandmothers house who's not Muslim and celebrating Eid Breakfast.

Learn Spanish words and teach your children to cherish the moments with family who may not come from the same background as you.

My first book about Allah by Sara Khan

If want to teach your little ones specifically toddlers or young children about Allah the book “My first book about Allah” by Sara Khan helps illustrate in a beautiful way both images and writing about who is Allah and how he guides us.

Easy List to purchase books:


“How much does Allah Love Me”—


“Golden Domes & Silver Lanterns”

“Night of the Moon” —

“It’s Ramadan Curious George”—

“Under my Hijab” —

“Like the Moon Loves the Sky” —


“Allah made us all different, be yourself”—

“The Little Girl says Alhamdullilah” --


“A Basketball Game on Wake Street” —


“The Proudest Blue”—

J. SAMIA MAIR and Omar Burgess BOOK

“Zak and his Good Intentions”—


Mommy’s Khimar —


“Zaydo Potato Allah Loves Me”—

“Zaydo Potato Can Allah See Me Now”—

“Zaydo Activity Book from A to Zayd” —


“Eid Breakfast at Abuelas”—


“My first book about Allah” —

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