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It's always so hard to figure out what to get your family and friends for Eid but I've made it really easy for you in this Aweea List for the U.S. & Canada!!

Tohfa Box.

Let's start with Curated Gift boxes you can get in Canada. These boxes are beautiful and also support local small businesses.

Tohfa box partnered with local, Canadian small businesses to bring you a limited edition Eid Tohfa Box!

Filled with premium, hand-made products, gift this Tohfa Box to your family, friends, or yourself (Deadline is May 7th - pickup from Mississauga, ON, local delivery, and Canada wide shipping available)! The box includes:

Tohfa Box began with the love of giving gifts to our friends and family. Their philosophy is "liking for others what you like for yourself, giving to others what you’d get for yourself." That’s why, when you buy their boxes for your loved ones, you’ll wish you could keep a box for yourself! With each item hand-picked with love, their Tohfa Boxes come with a customizable drop-in lid to add that perfect personal touch.

Check out Tohfa Boxes right here


Another great gift box especially for your kids is Wrap iI Up's "Eid Activity Box". (USA)

Each box is filled with fun stuff for your child to explore their creative side. The boxes are also eco-friendly! Made out of wood and paper that will keep your kid busy!

Each box includes: DIY Wood Puzzle Masjid with paints, tattoos, Eid sticker sheet, Color in post cards, crayons, Eid themed pins, 1 fridge magnet and more items. It is the perfect box to gift to a child this season.

You can also get some extra items from the store to add to the box such as postcards, pins and magnets. This can also work great for goodie bags!

The are Offering $5 flat rate shipping on orders above $40!

check out Wrap it up Right here!


Now if you wanted to get yourself or a loved one something fancy then check out An elegant modest clothing store with Abayas, Kaftans and more!

They also carry these beautiful Bakhoor burners.

Special Sale until Monday May 10th with coupon code EID20

Check out the store for so many other amazing options

Project Eid Awareness

This is actually all about an amazing non-profit organization that helps make Public or Non-Islamic schools aware of Muslim holidays.

They fundraise to raise money in order to donate to schools across the world.

Ask Your School to Decorate for EID.

It's so simple! Talk to YOUR school about decorating for Ramadan & Eid, then contact them right here and they will send the school a FREE package containing Decor, Books, and so much more!

Donate here: Fundraising helps to donate ramadan decor to schools worldwide.


I'm always talking about this amazing company because they are literally the best tasting chocolate I've ever had! So many varieties and they can come in these amazing beautiful gift boxes that are created by artisans in Syria. A great gift for those who want to make it extra special!

Check out

Here are some other store mentions that might have the perfect Eid gift for you!

You can also check out Aweea's Favorite list for some great ideas!


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