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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you want to start your own youtube or filming process this is the equipment I love and use when filming for Aweea Youtube Channel.

Some of these items do have affiliate links that help keep this free business directory and website running, feel free to use or not use the links below but if you do use them, you are supporting this small business and website!

Thank you! -Alex



Lighting is such an important part of filming. Purchasing the right light will make your filming 500% better. After so many trials and errors I love these lights below.

Favorite Ring Light - Neewer Ring Light

Ring light diffuser - great for reducing that halo effect and soften ring light look

Best Video Lighting- Yongnuo YN300

Additional Power Plug for Yongnuo YN300

Definitely get a diffuser for this light. It's super powerful

Diffuser to use over this light. Diffuser are always a smart thing to buy to create a more natural look on your subject.


I also recommend a soft light box if you are looking for natural sunlight look, especially if you end up filming at night. Here is a fave.

Link to softbox lighting kit.


One more lighting is for those who have numerous zoom calls, office calls etc from home and need better lighting! Here is a small ring light you can attach on top of your computer!

Link right here

This is more of a stand version that you can also use with your phone.



To keep your camera in place the best investment you can get is a tripod. Tripods will keep your film looking steady and can be adjusted to different heights. Great for people filming solo as well.

If you are also creating longer videos. You need to make sure to get a TelePrompTer ASAP.

****Writing a script and then not having to worry about what you have to say will first make filming shorter, more time effective and also look even more professional.

  • I love this telemprompter that can fit your phone. Portable Camera Teleprompter (this is a must! For YouTubers) - Desview T2 prompter


One of the most popular cameras out there is the Sony 6400. This is the camera I now use. I used to have a Nikon but switched over because of its 4k filming capabilities. I'm in love with this camera and definitely get the Sigma Lens if you are planning on vlogging for the wider frame look.

The camera that I use for Youtube- Sony 6400 DSLR

BEST LENS for filming youtube- SIGMA 16 mm f/1.4

If you're using your cell phone as a camera. The best thing to use to stabilize your filming process is this item! Ulanzi U rig Pro smartphone grip tripod.

Attachments that are great to have with the grip tripod are the light and microphone!

Ulanzi light attachment

Theses are small but powerful lights!


Having a great microphone can also make your videos top notch. I love my lavelier microphone and I use my cell phone as a recorder. But I also have an amazing high end recording device if I'm filming with more than one person.

On Camera Microphone

Rode Video mic on camera microphone.

Great sounding Lavelier Microphone

Onmidirectional mic with easy clip on system

Podcast Show Microphone

  • Higher priced microphone for podcasters but one of the best sounding Shure MV7 Dynamic Mic this is probably the best sounding for podcast recording!

This is the microphone I use for my podcast episodes. It's also the top singing microphone as well.

This mic is also great for singers or musicians.

This is what I use to hold the microphone up.

Microphone scissor boom bracket stand with POP filter.

Best recording device

If you are looking to invest in a recording device that last for more than 8 hours when charged this is it. For multiple microphones what I have is the ZOOM H6.

It's great for multiple microphones with separate recordings for each person. Has the best sound quality as well. Battery last a long time.

I finally got a really comfortable headphone so that my editing isn't killing my ears. Super soft, great sound and I feel like I can even sleep in them. They are amazing!

Over the head ear studio headphones I use when editing youtube videos: Beyer Dynamic DT 770

That's it for my items! I will keep adding more products every-time I get something new! I hope this helps you create the perfect studio!

Check out my full amazon list right here!

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