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If you want to start your own youtube or filming process this is the equipment I love and use when filming for Aweea Youtube Channel.

Some of these items do have affiliate links that help keep this free business directory and website running, feel free to use or not use the links below but if you do use them, you are supporting this small business and website!

Thank you! -Alex



Favorite Ring Light - Neewer Ring Light

Best Video Lighting- Yongnuo YN300

Additional Power Plug for Yongnuo YN300


The camera that I use for Youtube- Sony 6400 DSLR

BEST LENS for filming youtube- SIGMA 16 mm f/1.4

If you're using your cell phone as a camera. The best thing to use to stabilize your filming process is this item! Ulanzi U rig Pro smartphone grip tripod.

Attachments that are great to have with the grip tripod are the light and microphone!

Ulanzi light attachment


On Camera Microphone

Rode Video mic on camera microphone.

Great sounding Lavelier Microphone

Onmidirectional mic with easy clip on system

Podcast Show Microphone

This is the microphone I use for my podcast episodes. It's also the top singing microphone as well.

This is what I use to hold the microphone up.

Microphone scissor boom bracket stand with POP filter.

The best recording device for multiple microphones which is what I have is the ZOOM H6.

It's great for multiple microphones with separate recordings for each person. Has the best sound quality as well. Battery last a long time.

Over the head ear studio headphones I use when editing youtube videos: Beyer Dynamic DT 770

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