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Haute Hijab Sports Hijab Honest Review

I tried three different styles and I let you know what I really think about these sports hijabs. Keep scrolling for my honest opinion!

So what are the pros and cons for the new Haute Hijabs new sport hijab.

In this review i’ll be going into detail of

  • The styles

  • The fabric

  • The price point

  • What I liked and what I didn't Like about the sports hijabs.

I also want to make sure you know, I’m am NOT SPONSORED by haute hijab. I purchased these lovely items full price on my own.

So just recently at the end of September 2020, Haute hijab finally released their new sports hijab. They have been on working on this product for a long time and there was a lot of excitement. Although, I have to say a lot of other smaller brands already have sports hijabs and InshAllah doing a review on other sports hijabs soon.

What made haute hijab very unique was that they offered a variety of styles and choices when they launched their product.

They have the "criss cross", "the flex fit", "the Tech Cap" and "The Tech Wrap."


All of the items use the same new technology fabric.

Haute hijab really thought about using the best material out there.

What makes their fabric different?

They used a powerful textile multifunction fiber that comes from coffee beans. The Fabric has the ability to be fast drying, odor controlling, and has some UV protection of UPF50 (ultraviolet protection factor).

Ice cafe patented fabric claims that lower the body temperature by 1-2 C . Keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. It's also very lightweight.

It is a really sustainable product.

The only cons I would say with using this fabric is the way you need to take care of your item is more a delicate fabric.


The recommended care is to Wash these items in Gentle cycle cold water in a care bag and lay flat to dry. You can’t throw it in the tumble dry or iron it. So its not

So let me show you how I looked in the styles.

The Flex Fit

The Flex-Fit is created knowing that one size does not fit all and combines a pull on system of an adjustable cord that allows you to wear snug or loose fit depending on what is most comfortable to you.

The flex fit fits nicely over my head. I got the size 2 and could have gotten the size 1. Sizes seem more about your hair volume. I have thin hair and I could have easily went down to size 1. There's a lot of coverage in the front and back making it easy to wear with crew neck and when I did push ups or headstands I noticed the fabric not flipping forward onto my face.

What I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of fabric in the front and back making it easier to wear with crew neck shirts

If you’re the type that doesn’t like a bunch of fabric in the front or back then there might be a better option for you.

When I did workout with this hijab I noticed no sweating issues, I did feel cool and it was cool to touch even on a hot sunny day. Overall I really the look of the flex fit.

Criss Cross Style

Some people don’t like the circular style so this was a nice option. However, it did not look good on me.....

I also noticed that the size 2 in this one was way to big for my head. SIZE DOWN!! There isn’t an adjustable strap inside so you won’t be able to make it tighter around the neck area which I think should be changed for a future criss cross style. There is a back rushing that helps keep it secure so it also does not feel like the hijab will come off while working out.

If you don’t like the bulk like the previous flex fit this is the option for you. It still has the long length in the front and back so that you can safely tuck in the hijab TECH CAP

The last item I’m reviewing is the Tech Cap.

When the weather gets hot I just want to wear something cooler and put a cap over my head. I thought this would be the perfect item. I sized down on this one and got a size 1.

The tech cap was designed for simplicity and versatilely

It was designed so it doesn’t budge while the back elastic creates the perfect scrunch for a volumed look. It definitely didn’t budge while going for a jog on the trail and definitely lightweight.

It did hold my hair but maybe I should have sized up It left a beautiful mark on my forehead and it did start to ride up on the back of my head so some of my hairs started showing. It’s not very flattering by itself I had to wear a cap over it otherwise it looked bad.

It’s practical but on me it was not stylish at all. I got the light gray color and probably should have stuck to the charcoal.

If theres something I didn’t like the most out of all these items it was the tech cap.

Last thing I want to talk about is the price point. It is definitely high. The flex fit and the criss cross is $65 dollars. Tech sports wrap is $55 and the tech sports cap is $45. The sports hijabs are double the Nike sports hijab.


1. As a handmade designer I can tell you the stitching is well done and they didn’t skimp on fabric. This is not polyester or spandex which is what is typically used in sports hijabs.

Its eco friendly and sustainable material and they have a guarantee and 30 day returnable product so if you aren’t satisfied like I wasn’t for the size of the crisscross, I could return and exchange it.

I think they also value their product and the amount of research they’ve done to create something that works for all of us. Care and technology they used in their product. Yes there is always room for improvement and inshallah I can’t wait to see what else they create. Version 2.0


DELICATE FABRIC WASH - Must wash delicate and air dry. So don't just toss this in the wash.

EXPENSIVE You would have to think of this item as an investment piece. I haven’t had the length of time using it to see how long this item lasts and if this product wear and tear is worth the price.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Please let let me know what you think of haute hijabs new sports hijabs in the comment below and definitely check out my other product reviews here.

You can also watch the Youtube episode right here.

Purchase your haute hijab right here.

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