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Modern Prayer Garments

Back when I first converted to Islam, I had to make my own prayer garment by hand! I was in school in the south of Virginia and there was only one international store. But now, Alhamdulillah, there are so many more options that I want to share with you below! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Modern Prayer garments
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Cover Me Cutee

Handmade design that can be customized to your height! I have two prayer garments from this company and use them daily!


Another one of my favorites. Very soft and cool material and perfect for Tarweeh nights. They are also more solid print and classic look. I like that you can style the hijab portion since it is attached but also an open piece.


Full coverage hijabs that are also solid print. If you are looking for some pretty colors this is the style for you! They sell out fast so get the one you like while it's available!


If you are looking for a variety of color options check out Urban Modesty. They have pretty laced one or two piece prayer garments for women.


Find some cute two piece salat prayer garments from


Looking for something that is comfortable and cozy? Check out the modern knit jersey two-piece prayer set by veiled collection. So many color options to choose from! CODE: ALEXAWEEA to save*

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