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My Salat Mat: Interactive Kids Prayer Mat

Are your kids having trouble praying along side with you? Well this interactive My Salah prayer mat is the best thing ever and I’ll be sharing you a super detailed review so keep reading!

I’m sharing with you a really great company from the UK that’s ultimate goal is to inspire and motive children to want to pray and interact with the whole process of prayer.

My Salah Prayer mat is an Interactive mat, great for kids 3 to 10 years, has 11 languages to choose from.

It’s foldable with fire resistant and waterproof material.

And it’s an amazing gift for birthdays and for Eid.

It only requires 3 AA batteries to start it up.

It has 36 touch sensitive key that are educational and teach

  • Wudu,

  • Adnan’s

  • Surahs

  • Dua's

  • Salah Times

  • Salah positions and so much more.


When you first take your Salah Mat out of the box you want to really flatten the prayer mat and make sure there are no creases. It has to be flat to work because the mat is touch sensitive so a crease will definitely affect the touch sensitive motion.

Once the prayer mat is flattened, to begin, make sure your choose the right language selection and then the right volume and you can press the buttons and learn different things but if you want your child to pray, then have your child stand on the feet pads and the Salah will start to recite.

Just so you know if your child is on the feet pad all of the other keys will not work. This is a great design so that your other kids will not disturb the one praying, unless they actually turn it off like my daughter did (she’s only 3).

This prayer mat was designed to only play the first 2 Rakat in order and actually will follow the kids motion so nothing will happen until the child places their knees, hands and head together in the sujood position.

It’s really great way to ensure the kids learn the position of prayers and follow along.

And everything is written in detailed in the manual book that comes with this prayer mat.