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NIKE vs HAUTE HIJAB Sports Hijab

There are so many amazing sports hijabs out there but the biggest ones of all are Nike and Haute hijabs sports hijab. I go through a detailed review so keep reading!!

Or if you want to watch a video instead, check out my youtube review right here.

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The difference in the styles.

The fabric.

How I like the fit on me.

The price point.

Sizing for best fit.

How to Care for long lasting wear


Nike’s hijab became mainstream around the world and Ibtihaj Muhammed,

their brand Ambassador, even walked the runway last years NYFW when Nike unveiled its 2020 winter Olympic kit. But it’s really too bad that the winter olympics had to be postponed because of covid.

Although smaller companies have had sports hijabs in the past, the fact that a mainstream brand picked it up helped other Western brands embraced modest fashion culture.

Let’s talk about the style difference between Nike & Haute hijab

This is me wearing the Nike Pro Hijab version 2.0. As you can see the newer style is so much more flattering on my face. The older version was not as flattering with the circular front seam. The newer pro hijab 2.0 also does not have a strange center line on the top of the head. It has a layered look in the front.

It has a new interior strap that secures it in place and prevents it from slipping. The pull-on design and long back ensure a personalized fit that doesn’t come untucked while you work out or compete in a sport.

About sizing. I went for the M/L.

Nikes hijabs tend to run a bit small so definitely go with M/L if you have a normal head shape.