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Previous Works with Aweea

Check out our previous youtube features and brands that we have worked with.  


Felicia Parker, Modest Fashion Brand

"I needed more photos for content and a collab for greater reach. Alexandra helped to reach our target audience through our collab, and supplied us with a great variety of photos for social media content and our website. She also included us for free in her Ramadan Planner YouTube episode. I now have great photo content to use and re-purpose on socials and our website. The YouTube video helped to bring in more website views/signups for our Free Ramadan Planner download.


Kamal Kalifa, With Honour

"We needed social media outreach and more content for social media. Alexandra helped obtained more followers, and the use of proper hashtags assisted with social media presence. Gained more instagram followers, had additional sales resulting from Aweea coupon code. More clients are also emailing us with questions."


Faiza Ahmedi, Owner

"Alex was a pleasure to work with. She was so easy to reach out to, accommodated all my requests in a timely manner, was always available to answer questions. Although we agreed on having an insta post, she was kind enough to share high-quality images she took with her camera for me to use. I use her IGTV featuring my products up until now to show my customers what my brand is about. Thank you so much Alex for the awesome work you are doing to help small biz owners "

My Salah Mat Logo.png

Alexander Fell, Executive Marketing Manager

"I found it quite difficult to find content creators who would make a video as Alexandra does. Alexandra was a pleasure to work with! Her professionalism and dedication to her content shines through from the onset. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most whilst working with Alexandra was watching the video we collaborated on come to life - the end result was amazing. I'm sure she'll be an important voice within the Muslim industry.


Nada, Sudaniya Organics 

"I was trying to gain exposure as a new business. I appreciate everything Alexandra did. She took pictures of my product and also continue to include them in her videos. She continuously highlights them and gives me exposure within the community. Al7amdulillah Sudaniya Organics gained that exposure and I definitely gained some followers following Alexandra's video and also a few purchases. "


Noora Sharrab, Sitti Subscription Box

"I was not able to get enough exposure for my business. Alexandra helped create videos that better articulated the messaging we're looking to share with our target audience. Alexandra was able to contribute to content around our subscription box and the messaging shared public-ally about our boxes. Thank you for all the attention to detail and for going above and beyond what we agreed on when working together. You were very easy to work with and truly did help fulfill what we were looking to achieve.